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Manpower Butler by EMPOWERLOGIX is the first Malaysian base all-in-one, cloud-based manpower management tool that offers EVERYTHING you need in people management. Not only just like a butler but it can also be accessed at ANY time and place.

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Why Us?

MANPOWER BUTLER is the culmination of legal, technological and professional knowledge. We solve Human Resource issues effectively for any organisation, no matter how big or small. One login lets you access all the features you need. Make technology work for you and your employees and empower them. Our Manpower management system is developed to meet objectives such as:

Improve Accuracy

Enhance workflow, reduce workload and minimise human error by simplifying manual tasks related to HR with technology.

Eliminate Redundancies

Reduce wasted time and increase productivity by getting rid of unnecessary paperwork and redundant records.

Improve Internal Satisfaction

Increase worker satisfaction by creating a tolerant and responsive HR Department.

Reduce Non-Compilance

Equip employees with legal knowledge to prevent non-compliance and reduce expensive legal issues.

Improve Productivity

Increase time spent on policies and procedures to create and nurture an excellent environment for employees.

Creating value with Manpower Butler

User friendly, modular and secure. Suitable multi-company integration.

Manpower Strategy and Planning

Fast and accurate reports

Automated process

24-Hour Support


Management & Compliance

Legal Support

Access to a legal library, with interpretations and solutions to avoid noncompliance.

HR Functions

Attendance, OT, Leaves, Claims, Payroll, Performance Evaluation, Disciplinary records, Training and Recruitment.

Document Standardization

Records and reports are maintained and updated using the same method, improving business continuity.


Empower Employees

Effective Training

Train your HR people quickly by providing access to training and resources. An effective HR team encourages the rest of your employees to do their best!

Increase Productivity

Make tasks easier for employees through automation, so they can focus on learning new skills and upgrading themselves.

Gain Engagement

Spend less time coordinating and communicating HR matters such as claims, leaves, attendance, performance and rewards by being transparent and clear.

Suitable for any business!

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